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A Guide to Living in Yerevan

About April 10, 2010

I’m just a regular country girl from Ohio who never pictured herself living out her life in any other country, let alone Armenia! I have no Armenian roots; I married into them! My husband grew up in Yerevan and we moved here in August 2006 (for me…sight unseen). I am a teacher who specializes in teaching English as a Foreign Language and a freelance copy-editor. My husband and I have built a life here and I hope I can share a little bit of what I have learned with you.
If there is anything in particular that you want to know about just send me a message and I will do my best to give you the info you need. If it’s not something I already know I will use all my little ways to find out for you!


15 Responses to “About”

  1. Dad Says:

    I think that this is great. You’re a good writer and I’m sure that there are other people like you that don’t have a clue about living in Armenia. Good luck with it.

  2. Taline Says:

    Great site, Lori! I like it. Keep it up.

  3. Haik Says:

    Dear Lori, love this site very much. Please tell me a little bit about your experiance at “Longe Vita” Spa. Love. Haik

  4. Christian Says:

    I’ve already placed a link to this blog on Notes From Hairenik. You have a great blog from what I’ve seen thus far, I need to read your previous posts more carefully. Thanks for letting me know about it, looking forward to future posts.


    • Thanks SOOOO much!!! I enjoy your blog as well! I have a pup too, and I always enjoy reading about the adventures of your little dog! I’ll post a link on my page for you too!

  5. You’re awesome!!! Sooo glad I found you thru Gina @

    I lived in Yerevan for 3 years back in 96-99. I started a shoe company to export to the USA called Maral – Handmade in Armenia…

    I miss it so much and am so happy I have your blog to link me to the day to day…

    Check out my blog if you like , it’s about all things Americana!


  6. Haykanush from Telegraz Says:

    Hi Lori. This is Haykanush from Telegraz (training). I like this blog. It’s interesting to know about yourself, how you spend your day. See you later.

  7. Elias Saliba Says:

    Hey there,living for approx 4 years now in Armenia, i can say i have had the same scenarios you had. you made my day after non stop reading and laughing 🙂
    Great Blog you have, impressed by the way you write accompanied with photo evidence.

    i will be frequently visiting your page to read about your new adventures.


    • Elias,
      Thanks so much! Your kind words really made my day! What brings you to Armenia??? I will try to be better about updating my blog….I’ve been a bit lax…

      • Elias Saliba Says:

        Does my email Appear to you when i write in here (because it requires an email to be able to post).
        Interested to share how to “Armenia”.


  8. Ruzi Says:

    Hi Lori,
    I just came across your blog while searching for a Yerevan map online ! 🙂
    Although I haven’t read much in your blog yet but it sounds quite exciting to see how my Yerevan looks through a foreigner’s eyes. Yet I have to admit that you not a foreigner to Yerevan anymore after having lived here for more than 4 years 🙂
    I’ll be following your posts with great pleasure.
    All the best !

  9. Hi Lori! I don’t know if you remember me but we hung out at calumet one night (im a singer/student from chicago/new york). anyways, im excited to read about armenia via you!


    Sima Cunningham

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