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The Holidays December 8, 2010

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  Except, with this balmy October weather, it certainly doesn’t feel quite like the winter holiday season!  Is it just me, or have all the holiday decorations made an exceptionally early entrance this year?  I think SAS put their decorations up on December 1st.  Is the Western tradition of starting Christmas as early as humanly possible creeping in?  This is the time of year that I generally panic about the coming festivities.   If you are Armenian, or, like me, have an Armenian extended family, you know that the New Year’s tradition is basically a minimum of 6 days of eating, drinking and visiting.  Sounds fun, right??  Well, it is….but it can be EXHAUSTING!

A little tip to make things easier on the gift side of things….

If you hate (or, like me, are not so good at ) wrapping gifts, there is a great little place in the Yeridasardakan underground shopping area where you can buy wrapping paper and they will wrap whatever you want for VERY cheap!  They make the gift look really beautiful, and for a small package with ribbons they only charged a total of 500 amd!

I have also been asked by a couple of people where to buy candles.  I know that there is a place that sells candles on Amiryan Street (if you are coming from Republic Square it is on the right side about 1/2 a block before Mashtots).  I don’t know the quality though.  I think that all of the new holiday decoration shops popping up all around the city should carry them soon.

I heard that the tree in Republic Square will be put up soon (I know that the frame has been erected), and I am just hoping that the decorations are little less….well, a little less bright than  last year.  I would love to see more understated decoration this year (I know, I know….I’m dreaming).

If you have any great holiday suggestions from Yerevan, please share with the rest of us!


One Response to “The Holidays”

  1. Myrthe Says:

    There used to be a specialized candle shop in the small street between Tumanyan and Sayat Nova near Khandjian around the corner from the post office on Tumanyan. I don’t know the name of the street and I don’t know if that shop still exists, because I haven’t been around there for ages.

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