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Yoga in Yerevan May 28, 2010

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While yoga itself is thousands of years old, it is a relatively new trend in Yerevan.  I have been doing yoga, off and on, for about ten years.  I am, unfortunately, in one of my ‘off’ periods, and I am hoping that by writing this post I inspire myself to get back into practice, even if it is only in my living room!

I truly believe that yoga makes my life better, and I was so pleased to find a great place to learn and practice in Yerevan.  I personally go to Shoonch (which means ‘breathe’ in Armenian).  When you walk inside, you feel that you could be in any city in the world!  The building is modern, light and airy.  I have learned a lot there, especially from Bella, the manager.  The instructors go through regular trainings around the world, so the level is always increasing! The classes are really affordable, especially if you buy some kind of package.  I am pretty sure there are a few different options!  Their website is .  They are located on Amiryan St. near Saryan St.

Shoonch Opening

Shoonch Studio

There is a new center in town, but  I don’t know too much about it, so check out the website.  The website is in Armenian, but there is a supplementary site in English which explains the concept behind the center.  The center is located at 23 Saryan St. and

Several gyms in Yerevan also offer yoga classes, but I think that you need to be a member in order to participate.  Yoga is offered at Gold’s Gym on Komitas St., and at Orange Fitness, (the website is in Armenian, so I suggest giving them a call). I believe it is also offered at Shaping Zone, but they don’t seem to have a website so you probably need to give them a call at +37410 576 461 / Mobile: +37494 476 461 / +37491 419 152, they are located at 22/1 Charents St., Yerevan.
I also found an interesting website, only parts are in English but you can definitely use the contact info!  And here’s another interesting site-, I definitely want to check out their outdoor classes in Lover’s Park!

Yoga in a Yerevan Park

So, breathe and be well!  Namaste!


One Response to “Yoga in Yerevan”

  1. Ruzi Says:

    Dear Lori,
    Thank you for such an informative post about yoga centers in Yerevan. the only thing I’d like to say is a little correction on practicing Yoga in Armenia. It has started in 1970s . Even though there were not official yoga centers here but people, especially the youth were very much interested in it and used to practice it following those few publications they could get at “black market”. I remember my father practicing Yoga very seriously.

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